Percy Harvin Trade: The Silence In Seattle Is Deafening


The news was shocking. The NFL world was left scratching their heads. The highest paid and most explosive athlete on the Seattle Seahawks was shipped to the New York Jets.

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Percy Harvin hadn’t played half a season in almost two years with Seattle, but the powers that be decided to shut down the experiment.

Even in a league as wealthy as the NFL, where teams are paying $60 million guarantees to unproven quarterbacks, this was an expensive rehearsal.

The biggest names of those covering the league found the news tough to sell. In the case of Jay Glazer, he had to send a second tweet so people would know the trade was real. How often does that happen?

In the coming days, stories will leak out of Seattle about Harvin as a teammate. Already there are reports that he was causing tension. What is curious is the lack of support for Harvin. Nothing to suggest early reports are inaccurate. Nobody questioning the move at the time this article was written.

The Jets are Harvin’s third team since being drafted out of Florida in 2009. And although a number of players get moved around, players with Harvin’s talent are usually held onto.

The trade and silence in this case tells us the issues outweigh the receivers ability. The team’s decision to cut ties tells us they aren’t afraid to admit they were wrong. Only the great teams have that confidence.

Sunday’s Seahawks-Rams contest has the potential of being a trap game. A wounded champ flying east to face a division rival who is struggling. Add to that Friday’s big trade with the Jets. The ingredients are there for St. Louis to steal one.

In the NFL, “trap” games are not uncommon. An elite team, the Seahawks, will play a bottom five team, the Rams. Seattle needs to forget a loss at home in which they played awful. A road win is a great start. St. Louis, however, will see this as the playoff game they won’t otherwise qualify for.

If Seattle isn’t prepared and they play like they did against Dallas, this will become a rare consecutive loss.

And on a side note, congratulations to the faithful 12th Man of the Seahawks. Being the 6th-most popular team says a lot about this growing fan base. It’s an honor bringing you the news and stories of this incredible franchise.