Super Bowl XLIX media day: Highlights from today’s event


Jan 27, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is interviewed during media day for perper Bowl XLIX at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Super Bowl XLIX media day is one of the silliest moments on the sports calendar each season. They cram everyone onto a basketball court force them to answer asinine questions repeatedly for over an hour. It’s great fun, as long as you’re not one of the people involved.

Over 5,000 media credentials were handed out for today’s event. This includes a dude who showed up wearing nothing but a barrel and someone who brought sock puppets. That those two people were present will tell you everything you need to know about media day.

Here’s some highlights from each team at today’s event:

New England Patriots

The Patriots were first to get subjected to media day’s particular brand of torture.

Jan 27, 2015; Phoenix, AZ, USA; New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady addressees members of the press during media day for Super Bowl XLIX at US Airways Center. Mandatory Credit: Rob Schumacher-Arizona Republic via USA TODAY Sports

Tom Brady showed up with his hair looking like he has a massive case of bed-head. I’ve been told that this look is actually in style now. I personally think this is ridiculous. I also understand that it says way more about me than it does about Tom Brady and his sense of style.

Rob Gronkowski actually showed up wearing shoulder pads. He wasn’t wearing them when answering questions though. I wonder where they went.

Speaking of Gronkowski, someone had him read a bit of The Gronking: An Affair To Remember, and erotic novel in which he is a main character. It was both awful and awesome. It can be both, right? That’s allowed isn’t it?

LaGarrette Blount played the “overrated” card. This is fairly ironic given the guy who was talking. Perhaps that wasn’t the smartest thing to be said by someone who was cut around mid season.

Bill Belichick pulled the ultimate a-hole move of the day though. He decided to make fun of a little girl who asked him a question about his favorite stuffed animal. She didn’t even ask him about soft balls or anything, though that would have been hilarious.  

Seattle Seahawks

Seattle’s time in the spotlight was less exciting than New England’s. Marshawn Lynch was nice enough to tell everyone that the was going to answer every questions the same, then he did. He said “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” 30 times. Word from Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times is that he won’t be fined, so it worked.

Richard Sherman got up and showed off his salsa-dancing moves.

  I bet he lands on Dancing with the Stars at some point.

Michael Bennett showed that he is a very a wise man.

This also happened:

That is Super Bowl XLIX media day in a nutshell. Clearly one of the silliest days of the year.