NFL Draft: Best Seahawks Draft Picks Ever, By Round

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It is officially NFL Draft week! To everyone get into the proper frame of mind, I thought it would be fun to take a look at the Seattle Seahawks’ past and pick out the best picks in their history.

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The problem is that “best” is relative. Early round picks are expected to contribute right away and be very good players. Late round picks don’t come with those expectations, so when they develop into stars it makes those draft picks even better.

In the spirit of that debate, I’ve compiled a list of the best draft picks the Seahawks have ever made. The list consists of one pick per round, starting with undrafted free agents and progressing up to the first round picks.

It is interesting that so many current players had to be considered. It demonstrates that John Schneider has been a master at finding talent throughout the draft process during his time in Seattle.

Take a look at my list and tell me what you think. Did I forget someone? Do you completely hate one of my choices? Let me know!

Undrafted: Dave Krieg

The Seahawks have a long history of success with undrafted players. Perhaps none have been more successful than quarterback Dave Krieg who was signed in 1980.

The 6’1″ Krieg was thought to be too short and to not have a strong enough arm to play in the NFL. His 19-year career proved that the scouts were clearly wrong about him.

It took three years for Krieg to unseat Jim Zorn as Seattle’s starter. Once he did though, the Seahawks never had a losing record with him as the starting quarterback until his final year with the team in 1991. Krieg’s departure led to the 2-14 1992 season and a decade of mostly awful football in Seattle.

Honorable Mention: Jim Zorn

Rounds 8+: Dwayne Harper

The draft hasn’t always been only seven rounds. There were eight rounds as recently as 1993. There were 12 rounds for years before that. Very few of these picks panned out, and their success rate was similar to the underrated free agents of today.

After being selected in the 11th round of the 1988 draft, Harper was a special teams contributor as a rookie. The following year he took over as a starter at cornerback and held on to that job for five years.

He later joined the Chargers in free agency. After two good years in San Diego, Harper battled injuries for fours seasons before retiring. Overall it was a very good career for an 11th round pick.

Honorable Mentions: Sam Clancy, Bob Clasby

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