NFL Teams Still Make Little To No Effort With Domestic Violence


Well folks, here we go again. Another domestic violence accusation involving a prominent NFL player. This one, however, is a repeat offender. Ray McDonald is once again in trouble because of his temper. He has been arrested for domestic violence again, against the same woman as before.

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The Chicago Bears are under fire now because they didn’t ask the right people the right questions. This is the reason the Seahawks were criticized regarding Frank Clark. Seattle took a chance on a guy with massive character concerns even though there wasn’t much of a reason to do so.

It’s so great teams are learning from other team’s mistakes.

The bigger issue here is that teams don’t really care. When it’s a ‘character versus talent’ discussion, talent wins in a landslide. Why? Simply put, the repercussions are non-existent. It’s a risk free crap-shoot.

Whether he wants to acknowledge it or not, Roger Goodell is the Domestic Violence Era commissioner. No matter what insignificant steps this commissioner takes with the issue, he will keep his lucrative position as the owners errand boy. Again, there is simply zero risk in his decision-making.

Until NFL teams are able to realize how disgusting an issue this is, don’t expect any kind of progress. Once general managers are fined and teams lose draft picks, this problem may finally be addressed. This seems highly unlikely since Roger Goodell would need to enforce it, and he hasn’t shown himself to be a man of progress.

So here we are, another day when off-field issues are front page stories. I wish I could tell something different on the domestic violence front, but as you can see it is status quo for the NFL.

Oh yeah, the Seahawks begin OTAs today. The other dates are May 26-27, May 29, June 1-2, June 4, June 8-11.


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