Radio host thinks Russell Wilson is gay?


The NFL offseason can be painful. Not only is there no football to watch, but the lack of games to talk about leads to some really stupid things being said by radio hosts who are trying to fill air time.

That is exactly what happened in Chicago, there one radio host decided that Wilson’s recent comments about abstinence weren’t about Wilson’s religion, but rather about his sexual orientation. Yes, you read that right. Apparently Wilson following his religion beliefs mean he’s gay.

That was what Dan Bernstein of Chicago’s WSCR 670 implied on Tuesday.

"If you start to piece this all together, I think you come away with a pretty easy-to-reach conclusion here,” he said. “The whole thing. Don’t you? Don’t you just wish he could feel comfortable enough to be a little more truthful with all of it?The whole Russell Wilson thing — all of the artifice here. Everything that’s going on. All the strangeness. All of the stuff with the first wife, and the discomfort there … and this isn’t a new pattern.And I understand there were times past where you felt you had to live a lie. This isn’t that time. This is quite the opposite of that; you don’t have to live a lie. You don’t have to be artificial."

You’ll notice that Bernstein never actually says that Wilson is gay, but there is no other way to interpret his comments. He walks a fine line of say something without making claims that could lead to a libel lawsuit.

Honestly, I could not care less about Wilson’s love life. It doesn’t matter to me one bit who or what gender the person is that he is dating and whether or not they have sex. The entire story, both the part with Ciara and this idiot radio host’s interpretation, is a completely worthless thing to cover. The only reason I bring this up is to make one very simple point:

The NFL needs to alter their offseason calendar. This July break is painful for for both fans and people who cover the league. Please please please find a way to fill this part of the offseason with something football related so we no longer have these types of stories.

Because I’m pretty sure that any more stories about Wilson’s sex life are going to make Taima the Seahawk cry, and nobody wants that.

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