Christine Michael: trade bait?


The Seattle Seahawks had an off day yesterday. That didn’t stop people from talking about the depth and talent on their roster. This time the talk wasn’t about how players fit, but rather what it would cost to pry them loose from Seattle.

It all began with a morning report that Texans’ running back Arian Foster’s injured groin could require surgery. He is now expected to be out for at least half of the season.

The loss of Foster led to a surprisingly large number of tweets from media members around he nation that went something like this:

All of this is pure speculation, and very unlikely to happen. It was just interesting that everyone’s first thought for a starting-quality RB that might be available was Michael.

Despite not playing much, the perception of Michael around the league is as high as ever. Some 12s have started to get impatient with him, but the rest of the nation still has high expectations for the young back.

Later, the topic shifted to Seattle’s other backup runner.

This was met with a collective “meh” overall. It is funny that, despite getting considerably more playing time than Michael, Turbin isn’t generally viewed as a starting-caliber runner nationally.

Ultimately, nothing came from these rumors. The Texans appear to be trying to sign former New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas instead. Still, the discussion was an interesting diversion on a day with no practice to watch.

So what are your thoughts? Would you be willing to trade Christine Michael for the right price if another team is interested?

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