Seattle Seahawks roster battle update: Wide Receivers


Wide receiver has been arguably the most interesting Seattle Seahawks roster battle thus far in training camp. The group has been far better than expected, with considerably more depth than the team has had in a long time.

It is important to note that depth does not not imply that the overall positional talent is a strength though. Doug Baldwin is still the team’s best receiver, and he’d be a #2 or #3 on most teams. There is no one in this group that’ll cause defensive coordinators to lose sleep.

So while the bottom of the depth chart is significantly improved, the top end consists of the same names as last season.

Here is my take on the current state of the roster battle. Players are listed in order in each group from the top player to the lowest on the depth chart. (i.e. Kearse and Kasen aren’t close on the depth chart, thought they are in the same group here.)

Expected Roster Spots: 6

Locks: Doug Baldwin, Tyler Lockett, Paul Richardson (PUP)

On the bubble: Jermaine Kearse, Chris Mathews, Kevin Norwood, Richardo Lockette, Kasen Williams

Longshots: Kevin Smith, B.J. Daniels, DeShon Foxx

There was a lot of hype around Kevin Smith on the first couple of days of camp, but I didn’t see anything to warrant it. It felt like it was more about where he went to college than what he showed in practice.

That isn’t to say that he was bad, there was just nothing to separate him from any of the other guys. Now he’s hurt and not on the field while other guys, like Kasen Williams are showing great improvement.

Speaking of Williams, he hadn’t done anything to stand out through the first seven days of practice. He sure made an impact in the scrimmage though. He was arguably the game’ offensive MVP.

The rest of the receivers have performed about as expected. Kearse’s bobbles and drops at the start of camp were frustrating, but he’s gotten that under control recently. Chris Matthews has shown to have situational usefulness and the ability to contribute on special teams, but he isn’t passing Kearse on the depth chart at this point.

Ricardo Lockette isn’t making the roster as a wide receiver. The overall position depth is such that he doesn’t stand a chance of that happening.

That doesn’t mean that he won’t be on the final 53 though. Lockette is still one of the best gunners on special teams in the league. If he makes the roster, it’ll be entirely because of his ability to make an impact on special teams.

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