Seattle Seahawks: Good chance they’ll add a player during cut period


The Seattle Seahawks have less than five days until they make their first roster cuts. They have less than two weeks before they have to set their roster for Week 1 of the regular season. Despite having arguably the deepest roster in the entire NFL, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be looking to sign guys being cut by other teams.

John Scheinder never stops looking to improve the roster. He leaves no stone unturned, and has routinely be able to fine treasure amongst other teams’ trash.

In the five years that Pete Carroll and Schneider have been in charge in Seattle, the Seahawks have added 14 players from other teams during the cut period. That’s an average of almost three per year.

YearTradesFree AgentsWaiver ClaimTotal

While most of those additions came in the first two years when the Seahawks were churning over the roster, they’ve made at least one such move in every year of the Carroll-Schneider era.

Last year the Seahawks decided they didn’t like their depth at the nickel corner and traded for cornerback Marcus Burley. The year before they needed help on the defensive line and traded for defensive tackle D’Anthony Smith.

Other players added to the roster during the cut period include defensive tackle Clinton McDonald, fullback Michael Robinson and kicker Steven Hauschka. They also were able to add short term rentals for veteran pass rushers Raheem Brock and Anthony Hargrove after they’d been cut to save save space by their former teams.

This year it is pretty clear that the Seahawks are in the market for a veteran guard or center. It is also possibly that they look for a backup strong safety if Kam Chancellor’s contract holdout lasts that long.

While we don’t know who it will be that the Seahawks will add, history tells us that John Schneider isn’t done adding talent to the roster.

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