Report: Seattle Seahawks seeking a Kam Chancellor trade


The Seattle Seahawks have had enough. With the season about to start, they are now seeking to trade Kam Chancellor if they can get enough value in return, atlas according to one report.

In a way, this move would make sense. If Chancellor is going to report, the Seahawks might as well get something in return. Let him go and get paid elsewhere and move on.

On the other hand, such a trade would greatly weaken the Seattle defense. Dion Bailey has been impressive in training camp and the preseason, but he is no Kam Chancellor. Chancellor is a special player. You don’t lose a player like that without getting worse.

As with any leak like this, you have to ask yourself who benefits from it being made public.

It certainly isn’t whatever team is negotiating with Seattle. Making that fact public would alert other teams that Kam is on the trading block. More interest would mean a higher price.

That means that the leak almost certainly came from Seattle’s end. There are a couple of reasons why they’d let this information out.

The first is to help them generate interest from other teams. They likely want at least a first round pick in return. Getting more teams involved in making offers means they are more likely to get that.

The other reason is more subtle. The one team that known to be involved is the Giants. They are desperate at safety and scouring the league looking for talent there. By talking with the Giants, even if not seriously, and then leaking that to the press, they send a message to Chancellor and his agent.

That message is clear: If you want to play here, report. If you don’t, you’ll be playing elsewhere.

The Seahawks are a better team with Chancellor on the roster. Putting pressure on him to end his holdout makes perfect sense.

Keep in mind that there is a deadline looming for Chancellor. He must report and be placed on the Active roster by Tuesday or he won’t get paid for Week 1.

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