Kam Chancellor: Seattle Seahawks are being “Petty”


The Kam Chancellor holdout from the Seattle Seahawks took an interesting turn today. It wasn’t necessarily a turn for the better in case that is what you were hoping. It might be, but it also seems that this issue is becoming personal.

In a report from NFL Network, Chancellor came strongly at the Seahawks in trying to deflect the blame for the holdout. He also chose to use some unfortunate language.

The attempted message here is clear. This is damage control. Kam is trying to paint the picture that he’s being reasonable and the Seahawks aren’t. Calling the team “petty” was intentional.

It also isn’t a coincidence that this message from Chancellor came after some well-calculated words by Pete Carroll and Richard Sherman at their press conferences today.

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Carroll, who is always positive about everything, found it difficult to temper his frustration with the  holdout. He also didn’t mince his words. “He’s not here and he’s not playing.”

Sherman said he was “surprised” that Kam hadn’t reported. He also made a point to praise back Dion Bailey. His message was that that team was fine with Bailey in there, and thus didn’t need Kam. Even if he didn’t say that last part out loud, it was very loudly implied.

Basically, Carroll and Sherman laid the blame for this mess firmly at Chancellor’s feet.

Then came Chancellor message to Dan Hellie later. In it Kam claims he doesn’t want any new money and that the team and him “aren’t far apart.” Of course, we already know that not playing this week has cost Chancellor $268 million.

Chancellor’s bid for a raise failed. Now suddenly he doesn’t want one.

The Seahawks call Chancellor out for dragging this out so long. Now suddenly they sides aren’t far apart.

It’s funny how that work, isn’t it? It is clear that Kam has started to cave in. What he’s looking for now is an olive branch from the Seahawks to help him save face.

All that is left is to see if the Seahawks are willing to give him one.

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