Seattle Seahawks: 5 breakout players for the 2015 season

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The regular season for the Seattle Seahawks begins this Sunday for in St. Louis. Everyone expects the stars to shine brightly this week (that’s what stars do), but they aren’t the only players that will have big games this year.

Every season, certain rookies and former role players break out in a big way and make their mark on the Seahawks’ season. It is a yearly phenomenon that is part of what makes the NFL great.

This year, there appears to be plenty of options for which players will have breakout seasons for the Seahawks. Here are five that seem to be the most likely at this time.

Frank Clark

This is probably the most obvious candidate. Clark dominated in the preseason, even against opponents’ starters.

He was practically unblockable, and lived in the backfield. It didn’t seem to matter if it was a run play or a pass play, Clark was disruptive and always causing problems for the opponents’ offense.

Clark isn’t going to be a starter this year unless there is a major injury on the defensive line. That shouldn’t matter though. The Seahawks rotate their defensive line heavily, and use plenty of sub packages.

Clark is going to get his snaps, and likely will play more than the Rubin, who will start at the 3-tech DT spot. Just because he isn’t starting doesn’t mean that Clark won’t get the opportunities he needs  to make a major impact for the defense.

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