NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

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With Week 2 complete, we’re on to Week 3 of the NFL season. That means it is time for another edition of our NFL Power Rankings.

A lot of the bottom teams won this week. Many of the middle tier lost. The upper tier consists of only about four teams right now. Parity is alive and well in the NFL this season.

Lets jump straight into the rankings.

32. team. 57. The Bears are 0-2, and now they have Jimmy Clausen at QB for a road game against an angry Seattle team. They look to be headed for a high daft slot.. (23-48). Previous: 26th. Chicago Bears

team. 10. Houston’s offense is a mess no matter which QB is playing. A good defense isn’t going to prevent them from having a rough season.  . (17-24). Previous: 27th. Houston Texans. 31

The Saints are a mess on both sides of the ball, and now Drew Brees is banged up. It is going to be a long season in New Orleans.. (19-26). Previous: 24th. New Orleans Saints. 30. team. 15

54. The defense played well, but the offense is a complete mess. The Eagles cannot run the ball at all. Chip Kelly must get that fixed or it’ll be a very long season.. (20-10). Previous: 11th. Philadelphia Eagles. 29. team

Cleveland Browns. 27. team. 53. Positive signs for the Browns this week. The defense looked better and Manziel wasn’t awful. . (28-14). Previous: 30st

Tampa rebounded after being embarrassed in the opener. This is likely going to be an inconsistent team until Winston’s play evens out. . (26-19). Previous: 31th. Tampa Bay Bucs. 26. team. 48

Previous: 25th. Tennessee Titans. 25. team. 35. Mariota made more mistakes this week as the team opened up the offense more against a tougher defense. There is still a lot to be optimistic about. . (14-28)

This was what was expected out of Santa Clara this season. The secondary is awful, and the offense was worse.  . (43-18). Previous: 22th. San Francisco 49ers. 24. team. 42

23. team. 51. The Rams suffered the expected emotional letdown after the huge upset a week ago, but to lose to Washington… ouch!. (10-24). Previous: 19rd. St. Louis Rams

Previous: 23nd. New York Giants. 22. team. 31. Good news: The Giants have led by double digits in the 4th quarter of both of their games. Bad news: the Giants have lost both games in which they’ve led by double digits in the 4th quarter.. (20-24)

Indianapolis Colts. 21. team. 46. Luck has been a turnover machine so far this season. The rest of the roster isn’t good enough to win unless he plays better. . (7-20). Previous: 17th

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