Golden Tate returns: favorite moments from his time in Seattle

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Former Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate returns to town on Monday with the Detroit Lions. Tate was a fan favorite while he was here because of his knack for making big plays.

He certainly had a few during his time in Seattle. Here are a few of our favorites:

Note: Since many phones and browsers have difficulty with pages featuring multiple gifs, I’ve split this into multiple pages.

One Hand? No Problem

How many people can make this catch? I mean really, one handed, with a defensive back right there, and stay in bounds? That’s just not human.

Taunting the Rams

This is one that angered many Seattle fans. I’ll admit that at first I was mildly annoyed. After a few minutes, and a few replays my opinion changed. Tate played the game with such passion. This is just an example of it.

The Seahawks were struggling to put up points, and the Rams corners were getting mouthy about it. Tate took a long pass from Wilson to the house, and made sure the Rams were well aware of who was scoring on them.

The Block

This one is unforgettable. Well, unless you’re Sean Lee, then you likely don’t have any memory of that entire week.

Russell Wilson was scrambling, and trying to pick up a much needed first down. Tate came back to block for his quarterback, and absolutely laid out the middle linebacker.

Here’s another view:

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