Golden Tate returns: favorite moments from his time in Seattle

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Punt Return Magic

Tate was a dynamic threat as a punt return. This was was my favorite because of how it ended, even though it didn’t count because of a flag.

Tate the QB?

Tate’s throwing motion might be ugly, but this pass to Sidney Rice was very pretty.

A Warm Return

I’m curious to see how Tate is received when he returns to CenturyLink. Stupid (and false) internet rumors about him and Wilson seem to turned a group of fans against Tate. If those fake claims prevent fans from seeing all that Tate provided to the Seahawks, that would be a shame.

When Tate takes the field, I hope that the 12s at the game will remember all that he did the Seahawks during his tenure here. He deserves a warm welcome at the start of the game.

After that, feel free to boo him as you would any opposing player. I don’t think he’d be happy if fans didn’t give him a grief throughout the game.

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