NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

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20. team. 35. An early bye week is typically not a good thing, but for the young Titans the extra practice should help them continue to improve.  . (bye). Previous: 23th. Tennessee Titans

124. The Chiefs didn’t even look competitive against a good Bengals team. Andy Reid is not getting much production out of a talented roster at the moment. . (21-36). Previous: 19th. Kansas City Chiefs. 19. team

51. Welcome to the NFL Todd Gurley. When they get that kind of effort in the running game, the Rams can survive the mediocre play they’re getting at QB. . (24-22). Previous: 26rd. St. Louis Rams. 18. team

Previous: 14th. Oakland Raiders. 17. team. 28. Just when the Raiders were starting to get people excited, they go and lose to arguably the worst team in the NFL. The Raiders are an ascending team, but look like they won’t be a factor until next year. . (20-22)

(20-23). Previous: 12th. Pittsburgh Steelers. 16. team. 55. The Steelers cannot afford to make a lot of mistakes while Mike Vick is starting at QB. They made way too many last week. If only they had a kicker that wasn’t awful. 

Dallas just isn’t a good team without Romo guiding the offense. They’ll continue to “play well and lose” until they get their QB back. . (20-26). Previous: 11th. Dallas Cowboys. 15. team. 123

The Chargers needed help from the Browns to beat the Browns. That’s not a good sign for a team that has stumbled through their first four games. . (30-27). Previous: 18th. San Diego Chargers. 14. team. 13

(24-10). Previous: 16th. New York Giants. 13. team. 31. The Giants have had double digit leads in the 4th quarter of all four of their games. That’s a good sign, and they now need to be considered the favorites to win an awful NFC East division.

12. team. 46. The Colts started a 40-year Matt Hasselbeck at QB this week and picked up a win over a divisional foe. Long-term health concerns for Andrew Luck are very concerning though. . (16-13). Previous: 15th. Indianapolis Colts

16. . (10-24). Previous: 10th. Buffalo Bills. 11. team

This is why Tyrod Taylor isn’t a long-term answer at QB. High variance passers means occasional losses to teams that they should definitely beat.

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