NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

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60. Minnesota gave a very good Denver team all they could handle. Bridgewater should learn from this loss and be better equipped to pull off the upset next time.. (20-23). Previous: 9th. Minnesota Vikings. 10. team

team. 30. The Jets took advantage of the Miami dumpster fire to improve to 3-1. They’re a playoff contender at this point, but poor QB play will cost them in the long run. . (27-14). Previous: 13th. New York Jets. 9

8. team. 36. Everything about the Seahawks screams “Super Bowl” except the offensive line. The group is easily the worst unit in the NFL, and it is hold the rest of the team back. . (13-10). Previous: 7th. Seattle Seahawks

team. 32. Arizona finally played a team that isn’t completely terrible, and the Cardinals looked fairly ordinary. It might be time to pump the breaks a bit on declaring them a Super Bowl contender.. (22-24). Previous: 3rd. Arizona Cardinals. 7

87. Is there a better MVP candidate than Cam Newton right now? He is completely carrying Carolina in the early portions of this season. . (37-23). Previous: 8th. Carolina Panthers. 6. team

44. I’m going to keep using Week 3’s notes until the Falcons lose: “Dan Quinn is making an easy case for coach of the year. This team is playing much better than anyone expected.”. (48-21). Previous: 6th. Atlanta Falcons. 5. team

team. 56. As long as good Andy Dalton keeps showing up, the Bengals will continue to win. That Hue Jackson has kept bad Andy Dalton away means that he’ll likely get a chance at a head coaching gig next year. . (35-21). Previous: 5th. Cincinnati Bengals . 4

Denver’s defense keeps grinding out wins. The offense continues to stumble and make games much closer than they should be. . (23-20). Previous: 4th. Denver Broncos. 3. team. 45

(bye). Previous: 2nd. New England Patriots. 2. team. 47. Even on bye weeks the Patriots win. The Bills lost, and the Phins phired Philbin. Meanwhile, the Patriots are already printing their AFC East division champions shirts for this year. 

Previous: 1st. Green Bay Packers. 1. team. 49. The Packers continue to role. The offenses as good as everyone expected, but it has been the surprising defense that has carried the load thus far in the season.. (17-3)

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