Twitter reacts to the Fred Jackson car accident


Earlier this evening, running back Fred Jackson of the Seattle Seahawks was involved in a car accident. He hit a stop sign, and wasn’t injured in the crash. That didn’t stop TMZ from making up a crazy story and claiming that Jackson was drag racing Marshawn Lynch. They also claimed Jackson was injured.

Twitter, which isn’t known for being particularly level-headed, went into a firestorm of crazy. Once the details came out, things settled down and there was only minor looting and pillaging online. Here are presented some of the best tweets on the subject.

The reaction from twitter from the initial story was most shock and disbelief.

Once the facts became clear that the accident wasn’t a big deal, then the jokes started to roll in. This is the area where twitter is at its best.

Initially, the report was that Jackson was drag racing with Marshawn Lynch. While that story turned out to be nothing but a load of BS, it led to some interesting jokes.

Another common theme was jokes about Seattle’s defense. Given the fourth quarter struggles this season, it is easy to see why.

Of course, there were also some jokes that were completely nonsensical that were also worth including.

It is amazing how a fairly routine car accident can get blown up by TMZ into a panic-palooza. It is also amazing how quickly story died once the facts came out. It is just another week here with the Seahawks.

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