Seahawks vs Steelers: By the numbers


Statistically, the Pittsburgh Steelers look to have an advantage over the Seattle Seahawks, but the pass defenses should give Seattle the edge. 

The matchup of the Seattle Seahawks vs the Pittsburgh Steelers is a game with two teams that are statistically better than their records. Both teams are near the top of the league in most categories, and yet both teams are near .500.

With the except of passing yards per game (which is a result of lack of passing attempts), the Seahawks are in the top half of the league in every statistical category. There just isn’t a glaring weakness.

There also isn’t the long list of stats where the Seahawks lead the NFL like we’ve become accustomed to the last few seasons. They’re first in rushing yards, but that is it.

The rest of the chart shows that the Seahawks have slipped. They’re no longer as dominate as they have been. This is especially true for the pass defense. They’re 2nd in passing yards against, but way down at 12th in yards per attempt.

The Steelers are stronger than Seattle in many offensive categories. They’re even able to keep up with Seattle’s rushing attack. Unlike Seattle though, Pittsburgh has a major Achilles heal.

That would, of course, be their pass defense. The Steelers are bad at defending the pass. There’s no other way to put it. This includes both in terms of total yards and on a per-pass basis.

That gives the Seahawks an edge they can exploit. Seattle will need to hit on a few big plays if they are going to win, and the Steelers have a tendency to give up those plays in bunches.

Seahawks and Steelers: By the numbers

26thPassing yards13th
6thYards per pass attempt2nd
1stRushing yards5th
3rdYards per rush1st
7thPoints against6th
2ndPassing yards against28th
12thYards per pass attempt22nd
10thRushing yards against7th
6thYards per rush11th
13thTurnover differential6th

All stats taken from ESPN.