Seahawks: Practice squad RBs the Seahawks might steal


The Seattle Seahawks need a RB. Here are three practice squad options that no one is talking about who could fit the bill. 

The Seattle Seahawks are in a bind at running back. Thomas Rawls is headed to IR with a broken ankle, and Marshawn Lynch is still weeks away from returning to game action after his hernia surgery.

The word on the street (well, twitter, but whatever) is that the Seahawks have already figured out who will replace the injured Thomas Rawls on Seattle’s roster.

There have been plenty of articles where people have provided opinions on who it should be. Bryce Brown is set to return, but there’s no reason to believe that he’s the only option the Seahawks will look at.

Brown has spend time with the Seahawks on two separate occasions this year, but never appeared in a game. The Seahawks also cut Brown and kept Harris the last time, so it is clear that the team doesn’t view him as a great fit.

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Another option the team has is to sign a player off of the practice squad of another team. There are quite a few players available through that route.

It is important to realize that the Seahawks will be looking for a player that can play right away. Running in a zone blocking scheme takes time to learn, so finding someone with experience in doing so would be ideal

Here are some options that the team is likely considering:

Kenny Hilliard (5-11, 226), Houston Texans

Houston still using a version the zone running game, even though Gary Kubiak moved on two years ago. Hilliard checks the boxes of what Seattle likes in terms of size and power, but he lacks the quickness that made Rawls great.

Terrence McGee (5-8, 215) Baltimore

The Ravens are another team that uses zone blocking (again, it is the influence of Gary Kubiak). McGee is a bit on the small side of things for what the Seahawks look for, but he is still a power back and has good quickness.

One red flag with McGee is the state of Baltimore’s offense. They’ve had so many injuries on that side of the ball, but they still haven’t brought McGee up off the practice squad. It leads to questions on if he is ready to play at this level.

Josh Robinson (5-8, 221), Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are not a zone blocking offense, but there are elements of their running game that should accelerate the transition for their running backs. Robinson also played in a zone blocking scheme in college

Josh Robinson is interesting enough athletically that he could be a target for Seattle. He’s got a good combination of power and lateral quickness. He lacks acceleration and vision to replace everything that Rawls did, which will mean that Seattle would have to go back to the running game they used with Lynch.