Five Seahawks Christmas wishes

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As much as I defended him early in the season the reality is that Cary Williams was a disaster as the CB starting opposite All Pro Richard Sherman. Releasing him was addition by subtraction at that point. But the play of converted safety DeShawn Shead has been more than adequate, in fact it’s been a revelation.

Shead looks the part of what the Seahawks love in their corners. He’s 6’2″ and a solid 220 pounds. He looks like a safety. The knock on his was that he doesn’t have great makeup speed, but he’s been so solid at positioning and anticipation that he’s always around the ball when it’s thrown deep, and he shows an uncanny knack for playing the ball even when he can’t get his head turned around in time.

The problem is, Shead has been hampered the last two weeks with an ankle injury. He wasn’t able to play the whole game against Cleveland but should be OK for this week. He needs to be on the field, continuing to see live bullets and getting more action at corner. Having that second CB who can be physical and cover on the other side of Sherman will be a huge asset for this Seattle defense heading into the playoffs.

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