Seahawks vs Vikings: 5 Takeaways from Seattle’s playoff win

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The Seattle Seahawks needed a bit of luck to knock off the Minnesota Vikings, and they secured their spot in Divisional round of the NFL playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks escape with a grueling 10-9 win in the frigid Minnesota cold. It took a good forth quarter and a bit a luck, but they got the job done when it mattered.

It was a low-scoring grind-it-out game that looked more like something you’d have seen in the 1970s. If you like offense, this likely wasn’t a particularly interesting game.

Here are my 5 takeaways from Seattle’s important playoff win:

1. The Cold Mattered

The Seahawk spent all week saying the cold wouldn’t matter. They were wrong.

Russell Wilson’s pass floated on him all game. He struggled to get the ball deep enough on his long passes, and routinely overthrew receivers on short passes.

It took Wilson three quarters to adjust to the cold. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter began that he started throwing the ball like Russell Wilson. Even he he was off target more than normal.

The result was a game that was much closer than it should have been. Seattle’s defense played very well. If the offense had been even average, this would have been a blowout win for the Seahawks.

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