Seahawks: Kam Chancellor, overrated?


Pete Prisco thinks Kam Chancellor is the most overrated player in the entire NFL. Prisco is wrong, but that isn’t anything new.

CBS senior writer, professional troll, egomaniac and well-known Seahawk-hater Pete Prisco released his annual list of the most overrated players on each team. Making the list for Seattle, and topping the list as the most overrated player in the entire NFL, is Kam Chancellor.

"He’s a solid NFL safety, but his reputation would make you think he’s Ronnie Lott in his prime. Chancellor is a big hitter, which is why the highlight shows love him, but he has never been good in coverage and that was exposed even more last season."

I’ll be the first to admit that Chancellor is overrated, especially by Seattle fans. He did have an off-year last season after a lengthy contract holdout. We’re also talking about a guy who has been named to multiple Pro Bowls and was a second-team All-Pro, so claiming that he’s a bad player is simply wrong.

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Is Chancellor the most overrated player in Seattle? Umm.. no. Unless Justin Britt and Jermaine Kearse no longer exist, which they do, then Chancellor doesn’t belong on this list. Even those two don’t the top the list of the most overrated players in Seattle.

Jimmy Graham is the fitting player to represent Seattle on Prisco’s in my opinion. He’s the guy getting paid $9 million to be good at half of his job (receiving), and really bad at the other half (blocking).

And the most overrated player in the NFL? How can naming Chancellor that even be possible? Mario Williams is still in the league. So is Chris Johnson. So are multiple members of the Long family. Do I even need to mention any of the San Francisco QBs? I mean seriously!

Interestingly, Chancellor is taking all of this in stride.

Prisco was surprisingly respectful in his response. If you’ve read any of his opinions on Russell Wilson over the last couple of seasons, you’ll know why that is surprising.