Live Blog: Seahawks roster moves on cut day


Keeping track of the roster moves for the Seattle Seahawks as they cut down to 53 and add players to the practice squad.

The deadline is fast approaching. The Seattle Seahawks have to cut their roster from 75 down to 53. That means a lot of cuts must happen before Saturday at 1 pm PT.

The team won’t just be cutting players either. They’ll be scanning the waiver wire looking for players that help them upgrade their roster. Once the waiver period is over, they’ll start to sign players to the practice squad.

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That’s a lot of roster moves that’ll happen over the next 48 hours. We’ll be here to keep track of them all as they happen.

The Seahawks will be looking to add a corner and possibly a linebacker. Of course, the depth on the offensive line is generally fairly terrible, so they’ll be looking for help there as well. For every player they add, that’s one more player that’ll have to be cut.

Before that happens though, there are some tough decisions that have to be made on cuts. The battle for the 5th wide receiver will be a tough one. The same is true for the team trying to decide between Pope and Collins at running back.

The Seahawks need to subtract 22 players. So far today all they’ve done is add one.

Ott is a long snapper that was with the New York Giants. With him signing with Seattle, that means Nolan Frese will be sent packing. Frese played well on Thursday, but had been fairly terrible in the other 3 preseason games.

Update on this particular update:

Confused yet? I sure am.

Update: This doesn’t help the Seahawks get down to 53, but it is a roster move.

Siliga was placed on IR when the team cut down to 75. He’ll be free to sign elsewhere when he’s healthy. He cannot return to Seattle until the length of the settlement plus 3 weeks.

Update 2: The Seahawks have made their first actual cut. Just 21 more to go.

Update 3:

Pinkins had a shot to win the SLB job, but never really looked like a LB. Too undisciplined, and gave up the edge too often. He probably needs to move back to safety.

Update 4: 

This one is a bit surprising given Pinkins being waived. I figured one or the other would make it.

Summary of players cut:

  • OG Jahri Evans
  • LB Eric Pinkins
  • LB Kache Palacio

That’s 3, so there’s 19 more left to go.

That’s all the Seahawks roster moves so far. I’ll place updates below here as more roster moves come in. Be sure to check back regularly right up up the roster deadline.