Seahawks expected to sign vet QB, but who?


The Seattle Seahawks are looking to bring in a veteran backup QB this week, but there are essentially no options out there.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is expected to play on Sunday in Los Angeles against the Rams. His injured right ankle is a concern, but Pete Carroll spent much of his Monday presser downplaying it and refusing to discuss how severe the injury is.

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Now Ian Rapoport, among others, are reporting that the Seahawks will look to add a veteran backup QB to the roster in case Wilson’s ankle gets worse. The team clearly wasn’t expecting to have to rely on Trevone Boykin so early in this season.

The problem is that there isn’t actually anyone available that will definitively be better than Boykin. That’s a major issue around the league right now. There simply aren’t enough QBs to go around.

Don’t count on Tarvaris Jackson returning. The league office is sitting there waiting for him to resurface so they can smack him with a 6-game suspension for violating the domestic violence policy.

The best option is arguably Josh Johnson. The 7-year vet has been with too many teams to keep track of, but at least he can handle some of the running tasks the Seahawks ask Wilson to do. Oh wait, the Giants signed him last week.

Ya, it really is that bad.

Josh Freeman, Mike Vick, Jimmy Clausen, Ryan Lindley ,TJ Yates: If any of those guys are the answer, you’re probably asking the wrong question.

There’s always Matt Flynn and Clipboard Jesus (Charlie Whitehurst) if you’re looking for a Seahawks re-tread who has only been terrible when on the field. Lets just say that both are unlikely.

Of course, BJ Daniels is out there. He knows the system inside and out. He’d be the perfect guy to bring in right now.

The problem is that he isn’t exactly happen with Seattle for trying to convert him into a wide receiver. His departure to the Texans last season wasn’t done on the best of terms with the Seahawks.

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Will Seattle and Daniels be winning to put that behind them for a few weeks? I guess we’ll see. At this point, I don’t see it happening.