Michael Bennett signs long-overdue extension with Seahawks


It is about time. The Seattle Seahawks and defensive end Michael Bennett have finally announced a contract extension that let him retire in Seattle.

The Seattle Seahawks have finally extended the contract of Michael Bennett. The star defensive end has been massively underpaid his entire career, and he’s finally getting the payday he’s deserved for a long time.

According to Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times, the extension is for 3 years and $31.5 million. Bennett was set to earn $7 million 2017. That number swells to $16 million, though his salary cap number won’t be that high.

Much of that 2017 raise will be paid as a signing bonus. The cap effect spread out over the life of the deal. With the salary cap making another massive jump next season, this deal won’t limit the Seahawks from addressing any of their other needs.

The timing of this deal seem to break the tradition of not extending contracts with more than 1 year left on the current deal.

Rapoport is slightly mistaken though. The Seahawks renegotiated Marshawn Lynch’s contract with two years left, though Lynch was always an exception to every rule.

Bennett’s extension is only 1 game early, and there is no new money or bonus being paid this season. Essentially, the team announced it now but there is no difference financially if the contract had been announced in the offseason.

The timing is curious though. My guess is that it was done now to make it easier for the team to be big players in free agency this offseason. A DT like Calis Campbell would be a nice upgrade, but it wouldn’t be received well in Seattle locker room if he were to be making more than Bennett.

As Ryan Davis pointed out on twitter, the Seahawks also have a history of announcing an extension just before the playoffs. Cliff Avril and KJ Wright’s extensions were announced this time of year. Perhaps this is a motivation technique for other players.

Usually this is done with a player who has an expiring contract, but the effect is the same. Extend Bennett, and dangle that carrot out there for players like Kam Chancellor and Avril who are also seeking new deals.

It should be noted that this deal will have no influence on the Seahawks’ ability to upgrade their offensive line. They still have plenty of cap room for the 2017 season, and can easily make addition room if needed.

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No player on the roster deserved a raise more than Bennett. It is good to see the Seahawks finally reward him for his dominant play on the field.