Seahawks vs. Rams week 10: Staff predictions fear a loss for Seattle

The Seahawks are 4-4 and play the 8-1 Rams on Sunday in Los Angeles. What will happen? Here is our staff’s best guesses.

The Seahawks are favored to lose by quite a bit on Sunday. It is rare that Seattle is expected to lose by double-digits. This Sunday is one of those times. But does our staff think Russell Wilson and company will beat Todd Gurley and associates? Here is what we think.

Kevin Daggett (co-host of the 12th Man Rising podcast)

Boy, did 16 of the 18 wheels fall off what seemed to be a Seahawks Semi coming down the the NFC or what?  Ironically the O-line was the shining star (if there was one) last week. Because of the loss to the Rams, the loss to the Chargers and another upcoming loss to the Rams this week, the Seahawks will most likely be a non-factor in the playoff race. Things were looking up for a couples weeks and then the Chargers came to town and every aspect of the team decided to take a dump. Seattle can still salvage a somewhat respectable record but the next few weeks are brutal.

Prediction: Seahawks 17 Rams 35-plus

Luke Allen (contributor)

Ugh, do we have to play this game? I will start off by saying I like what I have seen from the offensive line and the running backs this year, as well as the receiving corps – a huge upgrade from last season. The new-look defense is good, maybe great – but not enough to beat the Los Angeles Rams. The defense just got diced up by Phillip Rivers, as I predicted, and it will be more of the same against Jared Goff and company. This Seahawks team is better than most people expected this year, but they are just not ready to compete against a Rams team that was hand-built to beat Seattle and win the NFC West.

Prediction: Rams 37 Seahawks 28

Todd Vandenberg (co-expert)

The easiest part of this prediction is that the Rams will score 33 points. That’s their average, they’ve hit that exactly twice (including in the first game versus the Seahawks), and they’ve been within two points of that number in five of their nine games. That being said, the Seahawks are giving up just under 20 per game. Less when Russell Wilson doesn’t throw a pick six. Seattle should be supremely primed for this game. Unfortunately, the stupid Saints beat the Rams, so Los Angeles will be up, too. I’m torn between a demoralizing blowout 35-point loss, and a stunning two point upset by our guys. Since the Rams will score 33, they cannot win by 35.

Prediction: Seahawks 35 Rams 33

Lee Vowell (co-expert)
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I don’t like this game. At all. I am used to having faith that Seattle can win any game. But I remember what happened late last season in Seattle when the Rams blew out the Seahawks. And we are not sure if Chris Carson and others will play. The Rams are a better team and are now in a battle for home-field advantage after losing to the Saints. I just hope it stays close.

Prediction: Rams 38 Seahawks 14

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