Three quick reasons Seahawks should beat Eagles week 12

The 7-3 Seahawks play the 3-6-1 Eagles on Monday Night Football in week 12 of 2020.

The Seattle Seahawks travel to Philadelphia in week 12 to play the 3-6-1 Eagles. There will be no fans in the stands and the weather calls for rain but 65 degrees. Hopefully, the rain holds off but if it doesn’t Seattle will have Chris Carson back to run the ball.

Here are three reasons Seattle should win.

Russell Wilson is better than Carson Wentz

Hi, 12s. Remember the last time Carson Wentz beat a Russell Wilson-led team? Well, no you don’t because it has never happened. Seattle and Philadelphia seem to find themselves matched up at least once a year (OK, they missed each other in 2018) and Seattle always wins. In fact, the Eagles have not defeated the Seahawks since 2008.

Oddly enough, in four games against Seattle Carson Wentz has thrown exactly 45 passes in three of those contests. In the other game, last year’s playoff game when Seattle defeated Philly 17-9 (Seattle defeated Philly twice last year, both times by the score of 17-9), Wentz got hurt early in the game when he was probably going to throw 45 passes again.

Wentz has thrown 139 passes against Seattle and has 4 touchdowns and 5 interceptions, lost 3 fumbles and been sacked 9 times.

Wilson against Philadelphia has thrown 154 passes in five games (Wilson has never lost to the Eagles by the way) and has 8 touchdown passes, one interception, lost one fumble and been sacked 17 times. So yes, he still gets hit a lot but also does a lot of damage himself.

DK Metcalf

Metcalf is having a spectacular second season but was great in the playoffs against the Eagles in 2019. Metcalf caught 7 passes for 160 yards and a touchdown in the Wild Card game. This set a rookie receiving playoff record. And there is no reason Metcalf can’t have a great game again versus Philly.

It may also help that Metcalf has been relatively quiet the last two games with just 5 combined catches for 74 yards and a touchdown. He is due for a great game.

The Seahawks have made it out of the darkness

After a grueling stretch of five games (OK, one was against an extremely banged-up 49ers team), Seattle finally gets a bit of a break. Seattle faces four straight games they should win and with relative ease. The stretch includes three NFC East teams (none with more than 4 wins) and a game against the winless New York Jets. Seattle should be 11-3 the next time they face the Los Angeles Ram, which will be in week 16.

Seattle should have taken all the lessons from the tough games and apply them to beat lesser teams, like the Eagles. Seattle can finally breathe knowing they are clearly the best team in the game and play with aggressiveness.