Seahawks should hire one of these three to be new offensive coordinator

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Seahawks should hire one of these three coaches to be their new offensive coordinator.

The Seahawks fired offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer on Tuesday so Seattle is clearly in need of a new coach to lead their offense. Schottenheimer’s firing came on the same day that Seattle announced they had signed general manager John Schneider to an extension through the draft of 2027. Coincidence? Seems very odd, doesn’t it?

Maybe as part of Schneider’s deal, he stated he wanted more control over the running of the team? This would be a break in normal protocol for the Seahawks as Schneider gets the players but has little say in who plays or who coaches them while head coach Pete Carroll lets Schneider put players on the roster and then tells them where to play.

But Schneider and the Seahawks also likely knew that should Schneider go to another team he would have had a lot more say in the day-to-day activities of the team and coaches. This is just a guess, but it seems like a logical one, no?

That said, Schneider probably is going to have a lot of input in who Pete Carroll decides to hire as the team’s new OC. Whoever the new coach turns out to be, it will need to be someone who understands their role. They will have a lot of control over the offense but likely also have Carroll in the headset giving his advice in important moments of games. So this coach is either going to have to be a coach with years of experience or one who has worked with Carroll before.

All that said, I give you three potential coaches who could be the Seahawks new offensive coordinator.

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