3 observations from Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett in Week 8

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /
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Tyler Lockett is one of the best receivers the Seahawks have ever had. In Week 8 he had a bad game but also a redeeming one. And that is part of what makes Lockett special as a person and a player.

There are many players who might be respected by their teams but very few are as beloved as Lockett. He is a great player, sure. But he is also a great human being. And he is a genuinely good person and this is evident to his teammates. Lockett doesn’t just say words to say them. Most of the time, he lets his actions speak for him.

But while Lockett is held to a higher expectation for catching passes and never dropping them because of years of showing he does the first part with ease and rarely does the second part, what happened in Week 8 versus the Giants was all the more shocking. Lockett didn’t really win the game but he almost was the reason the Seahawks lost.

Three observations from Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett’s Week 8

Tyler Lockett isn’t trying to diss Russell Wilson

For this first bit, it is important to go back to the second paragraph of this piece. Lockett isn’t a bad or malicious person. If he says something, it is likely because it comes from a place of honesty and decent intent. After the game, Lockett said the following: “It’s amazing what we can accomplish when no one cares who gets the credit.” This is a well-known phrase and not one Lockett came up with on the spot.

And that last part is important because Lockett was actually praising his 2022 teammates. But because we live in a cynical world that generally likes drama, some took Lockett’s comment as if he was referring to Russell Wilson. He wasn’t. As Lockett said himself as he was forced to clarify, “People need to stop reaching! I’ve said this quote like 5-10 times since I’ve been in the league. Stop looking for a story and just let us enjoy our team.” Perfect.