Trade deadline 2022: Seahawks make no moves but still end up winners

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Seahawks eye also stays on tomorrow

There was another major trade that happened, involving the Denver Broncos trading Bradley Chubb, one of their best players on their roster, to the suddenly resurgent Miami Dolphins. The trading of Chubb to Miami netted the Broncos a 2023 first-round pick, which is tied to the 49ers record from their Trey Lance trade. The Broncos also acquired Miami’s 4th round pick along with running back Chase Edmonds.

While this trade adds yet another team with Super Bowl aspirations to the AFC in Miami, it also sends a clear message in Denver. Despite their victory in London, there’s a Mile High white flag planted in the Mile High City. This Broncos team is currently sitting at 3-5, and you can make a strong case they have already played most of their easy games. This Broncos team had won their 3 games in large part due to their dominant defense, carrying what’s left of Russell Wilson and Nathaniel Hackett’s offense. With arguably their best player on their entire roster traded, you have to wonder if their defense can continue to carry them.

If that defense sees even a slight dip, the Broncos will be lucky to win more than 5 games. While the Chubb trade likely signals the end of the Broncos season, the trade only ignites the likelihood of a second straight franchise-altering draft in 2023.

The Seahawks are rapidly rising up the list of NFL teams that can make noise in the playoffs, in large part due to their incredible 2022 draft. In my opinion, the 2023 draft is a better overall draft, and the Seahawks are potentially looking at a top 7 pick, a second 1st rounder, and two more second-round picks.

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In a draft that is filled with 1st round talent at the quarterback position, the Seahawks could potentially find a franchise QB on the cheap. If Seattle believes in Geno and signs him to an extension, the Seahawks could be looking at multiple blue-chip, franchise-altering talents on the defensive side of the ball. If the Seahawks have half as successful of a draft as last year, the 2023 Seattle Seahawks will be a front-runner to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl.