Notes from the Nest: Seahawks run over by Las Vegas in Week 12

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Can Geno win in the 2-minute drill?

That is the big question at the most important position for Seattle right now. Geno is the top vote-getter at the quarterback position for the NFC. He has earned those votes and should in all likelihood be a pro bowler. He’s gonna finish the year with some monster stats this year and earn a healthy payday. But should Seattle’s inability to put together a game-winning drive fall on Geno?

If you’re going to pay a franchise QB, you have to trust that he can come through on the final drive of the game. Going back to last season, Geno Smith has had the ball tied, or down a score with the team’s final possession a total of six times. All six times Geno and the Seahawks failed to get the score needed to win. The one caveat was Geno leading Seattle to a game-tying field goal at Pittsburgh but lost the game on their final drive in overtime.

This isn’t to highlight that I don’t believe in Geno, or that these failures were all on Geno. The final drives ended because Maxx Crosby is a monster and didn’t give Geno a chance on third down twice to keep a drive going. That doesn’t excuse Geno from making poor throws on first and second down to Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf.

If Seattle wants to get back to the playoffs, they will need Geno to be what he has been this year, but also need a little more in the final two minutes when the next opportunity arrives.