Notes from the Nest: Seahawks run over by Las Vegas in Week 12

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Not all was lost for the Seahawks (thanks Russ)

Ok, enough with the negatives. How about them Denver Broncos? Each week we keep wondering how much worse the Russell Wilson era in Denver can get, and each week it sinks lower. This week’s loss at Carolina in a battle for a top 5 pick may be rock bottom, even if the losses are far from over.

The Denver Broncos were embarrassing in their loss at lowly Carolina. The Broncos lost 23-10, and only scored a touchdown in the final minutes. We saw a Broncos defensive player scream at Wilson, and then apparently no one went to his birthday party. What a weird turn for a guy who’s near a Hall of Fame lock career seems far from a lock now.

The loss puts Seattle not only in the position for a top 5 pick but in serious contention for the number 2 overall pick. This means Seattle will likely have their pick of the top defensive player in the draft or the second-best QB in the draft. There may not be a more valuable asset to the franchise right now than that pick. This trade will go down in history for Seattle, and infamy for Denver.

The playoff chase looks wilder now

Unfortunately, as Seattle has slipped, it appears San Francisco has surged and appears to be the clear favorite for the division. The 49ers host a massive game against Miami, while Seattle will head back to Sofi Stadium to officially end the Rams season. It’s not unrealistic to think a win by Seattle and a loss by San Francisco can’t have Seattle back in the division hunt, but this feels like a wildcard chase more so than a division title chase it was three weeks ago.

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Considering how deep and difficult the NFC East is looking, if Seattle can manage to go 4-2 the rest of the way, I think 10-7 should get them to the playoffs. What a massive success that would be considering how many Seahawks fans are feeling today. Go Hawks!