Seahawks X-factor in Week 17 might destroy Jets offense

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

The 7-8 Seahawks play the 7-8 New York Jets in Week 17. One Seattle player might completely wreck New York’s offensive plans and keep Seattle in the playoff hunt. As most people can guess, this is likely going to be a low-scoring game as the Jets’ defense is very good and their offense is very bad.

Lately, however, Seattle’s offense hasn’t been good either. Seattle only has scored a combined 23 points in the last two games. New York is very capable of defeating the Seahawks 10-9. And if Tyler Lockett can’t play then Seattle could score even fewer than 9 points.

The Jets‘ defense is legit. It currently ranks fifth in passing yards allowed and 11th in rushing yards allowed. New York shuts teams down in multiple ways. But the Jets’ offense, though, is 22nd in touchdowns thrown and 24th in rushing yards. The key to New York’s offense is that they are 7th in passing attempts per game and 25th in rushing attempts. New York is going to throw the ball.

Boye Mafe will help the Seahawks defeat the Jets in Week 17

This matchup will also showcase a whole bunch of rookies on both sides that are going to be very good for a long time. I think that the Seahawks’ X-factor in Week 17 comes from its rookie class but is one rookie who hasn’t made a huge impact this year. At least, not until now.

Seattle is going to have to generate a consistently good pass rush. New York has good young receivers in Garrett Wilson and Elijah Moore but their best running back, Breece Hall, was injured weeks ago. New York’s offense will be better next year when Hall returns but we don’t care about that; We just want Seattle to win this week.

Boye Mafe is going to be a big reason Seattle does win. Mafe is going to be a very good pass rusher in his career but his rookie year, like most rookie seasons, has been a bit up and down. But if anything is going to extra-motivate a player it is to be involved in a game where so many other rookies are being mentioned and praised but not necessarily Mafe. Mafe should also have lots of opportunities to do damage to the Jets offense and pressure quarterback Mike White.

Mafe also likely had his best game of the season against the Chiefs in Week 16. His overall defensive grade was 76.8, per Pro Football Focus (subscription required), which was a season-best for Mafe. He also had a season-best run defense grade of 83.6. Mafe hasn’t had a lot of quarterback hurries in 2022 yet but I have a hunch it will change this week.

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The Jets scare me because of their defense but I think at home that the Seahawks get the victory. Seattle holds the Jets’ offense in check. Mafe helps lead the way and gets 2 sacks and several pressures.