Three biggest priorities for Seattle Seahawks Week 4 versus New York Giants

  • Seattle needs to run the ball
  • Is LOB 2.0 really any good?
  • Get JSN involved
Carolina Panthers v Seattle Seahawks
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The last time the Seattle Seahawks played on Monday Night Football, it was one of the more memorable games in the history of the franchise. It was the return of former franchise QB Russell Wilson after the Seahawks traded him to the Denver Broncos for what would turn out to be eight players including CB Devon Witherspoon, QB Drew Lock, LT Charles Cross, EDGE Boye Mafe, EDGE Tyreke Smith, EDGE Derick Hall, IDL Shelby Harris, and TE Noah Fant.

The 17-16 win over the Broncos would set Seattle up for one of their most surprising seasons in a while, finishing 9-8 and making the playoffs after it seemed everyone had them pegged to be a bottom-10 team in the league. Geno Smith would describe the season perfectly in the postgame interview with what was one of the more iconic quotes in NFL history. When asked if fans had written him off, Smith would simply reply with, "They wrote me off, I ain't write back though."

This year's Monday night game seems to be set up to be very competitive as well. A game between two teams that have a lot of similarities. Just like the Seahawks last year, the Giants were also mostly thought of as a bottom-10 team in the league.

That was before Brian Daboll would turn around the entire season for New York, finishing 9-7-1 and would beat the 13-4 Minnesota Vikings at their home stadium. But during the season last year, the Seahawks would meet Brian Daboll and the Giants, which would end up with a 27-13 Seahawks win. However, if the Seahawks want to repeat the same success this year, there are some priorities they'll have to establish en route to victory.

Seattle Seahawks potentially have LOB 2.0 but they need to prove it

Head coach Pete Caroll said both Jamal Adams and Tariq Woolen will be healthy and ready to go this week, leading to the first time the presumed starters in the Seattle secondary will play together so far this season.

I can't even begin to express how excited I and other Seahawk fans are to see this secondary at full strength. Not just the Seattle secondary in particular, but to see Jamal Adams play again is always a treat. He's such a difference-maker on the field. And the way he was starting to be utilized last season had fans really excited before he, unfortunately, tore his quadriceps tendon. It's been a long time coming and with how well Seattle's been able to stop the run up front, this is cause for an exciting Seahawks defense.