The 3 biggest priorities for Seattle Seahawks heading into Week 6

  • Make Joe prove it
  • Run the ball!
  • Keep Chase close
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Priority No. 2 - Seattle needs to keep running the ball efficiently

The Seahawks are back to their preferred way of offense. Running the ball efficiently, controlling possession, and staying ahead of the chains.

This has been their identity for the entirety of the Pete Carroll era and what they've found most success with. They're right back to it with Kenneth Walker and Zach Charbonnet. Not only that but Cincinnati has been allowing the 2nd most rushing yards in the league this year at 154 yards a game. Expect a big game from Walker who's been one of the league's more efficient backs so far this season.

Priority No. 3 - Slow Ja'Marr Chase down

DK Metcalf was quoted saying earlier this week that Devon Witherspoon will "get the better of" Ja'Marr Chase in their outing this Sunday. Chase acknowledged the quote by reposting it on his Instagram Thursday. It's very safe to say that Witherspoon will have his work cut out for him (as if he didn't already) But fans should have confidence in Witherspoon after the performance he had on Monday Night Football. Witherspoon would end up with 7 tackles, 2 sacks, and a pick-six in his coming-out party.

This is the first dominant boundary receiver Witherspoon will be faced with in his career, and it should be an excellent matchup. But we should temper expectations for Spoon, he is only a rookie, and his fantastic performance Monday night came from a game where he was primarily lined up in the slot.

Even then Tariq Woolen, Tre Brown, or Mike Jackson will have to step up in his place. In conclusion, the Seahawks don't have to shut down Chase or make him a complete non-factor. That's probably not even a possibility. They just have to slow him down for their best chance at success.

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