5 bold predictions for Seattle Seahawks 2024 offseason

The Seahawks could be very good in 2024 but they need to make these five moves.
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4. Seahawks take linebacker Edgerrin Cooper in the first round

Seattle will probably remake its defense in the image of Mike Macdonald. They should anyway. The main reason Macdonald got the job is because of his history of creating very good defenses. Seattle has some young talent on defense with Boye Mafe and Devon Witherspoon. Riq Woolen could bounce back to his 2022 level and be very good again in 2024. There is clay in which to mold a good defense.

But what Seattle does not have is a bevy of veteran linebackers. They have zero proven linebackers on the roster currently. Jordyn Brooks, Bobby Wagner, and Devin Bush are all free agents. Hopefully, Brooks returns but he will be costly. With no Carroll in Seattle, Bobby Wagner might not want to return.

Cooper, though, appears to be the perfect Macdonald linebacker. He can cover running backs and tight ends extremely well. He has the ability to blitz as needed, but even when he isn't sent on blitzes he has the speed to chase down quarterbacks. He is also fantastic against the run and an ultra-aggressive tackler. If Brooks comes back, he and Cooper could form one of the better linebacker duos in the league for the next several years.