Breaking down the turning point in Seattle Seahawks exciting Week 10 win

In a back-and-forth closing quarter, the Seattle Seahawks relied on their veterans to continually make big plays.
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The response of the Seattle Seahawks in Week 10 was going to be telling of what this team thinks of themselves. Pete Carroll, being the psychological wizard that he is, reminded his team and most importantly, his quarterback, to quiet the noise in his head. This was quite important as the psyche can sometimes be affected after getting blown out in the manner Seattle did. Coming off a blowout loss to the Ravens in Week 9, Seattle had to get back on track.

But, the question was, can they? Against a gritty Washington Commanders team, things weren't looking too great through the first half of play. The offensive woes continued to be a problem as Seattle failed to move the ball down the field. In the three times they did, their drives stalled, resulting in Jason Meyers kicking a field goal.

However, things took a turn in the fourth quarter. Both offenses came to life and put together scoring drives at the right times. Ultimately, the Seahawks were able to do more to seal the victory. But, one key play in the fourth quarter helped give this team the lead, and more importantly, give this offense confidence.

What changed the game for the Seattle Seahawks in Week 10

At a time of need, Geno Smith relied on his veterans. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett both made huge plays in the fourth quarter of this game. It felt that each of them served as the catalyst for both scoring drives late in the game. Tyler Lockett on the first, and DK Metcalf on the second.

With 8 minutes left in the game, the Seattle Seahawks had the ball all tied up at 19-19. Although the defense just allowed the game-tying touchdown, they were doing more than enough to keep this game close. It was now time for the Seahawks offense to do their part. Seattle responded with a 15-play, 65-yard drive that took up 4 minutes and 13 seconds, culminating in a Tyler Lockett touchdown.

On that 15-play drive, Tyler Lockett had 4 catches for 52 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown, of course, carrying the most importance. It was the turning point in this game. Too many times this season, we have seen the Seahawks get into the red zone and have to settle for a field goal. At this point of the game, it was crucial for the Seahawks to finish the drive with a touchdown.

After the failed trick play with Kenneth Walker taking the direct snap, the Seahawks decided to run a play that I do not like. The field is already shortened when you get to the goal line. I am not a fan of when teams decide to shorten the field further by snapping the ball and moving everyone to the left or to the right. It is a limited play with only one true target.

As displayed in the video, Geno Smith takes the snap and everyone moves to the right except for D.K. Metcalf. Jaxon Smith-Njigba is double-teamed on the crossing route. Will Dissly runs right up the seam on what is a decoy. Kenneth Walker serves as an extra blocker and the backfield. The true target, Tyler Lockett, is running a comeback route that relies upon perfect timing for execution.

This was one of the many incredible throws that Geno Smith made. He releases the ball when Tyler Lockett is breaking on his route. More importantly, he places the ball where only Lockett can catch it. Geno Smith was 9/11 (1 incompletion being the spike at the end) with 100 yards and 1 touchdown in the final two drives of the game. Despite all the noise as of late, his belief in himself never wavered and he helped this Seahawks team increase their record to 3-0 following a loss this season.

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