For Pete's Sake: 6 critical observations from the Seahawks big win in Week 10

  • The return of Pro Bowler Jason Myers
  • Shoutout to a stout offensive line performance
  • Is there anyone better than Boye Mafe right now?
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Tyler Lockett
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Ol' reliable came in absolutely clutch to give the Seahawks the lead in the fourth quarter

Who doesn't love to see Tyler Lockett doing Tyler Lockett things on any given Sunday? The Commanders are probably the latest who don't particularly love it, but the point remains.

Besides continuing to be the guy any Seahawks quarterback can rely on, Lockett seems to pop off at the exact time the team needs it. That's what he did on Sunday, catching eight passes on ten targets for 92 yards.

But his five-yard touchdown to put Seattle in the lead late in the fourth quarter is what put the cherry on top of an otherwise great day for the receiver.

It was the momentum shift the team needed at the time, and although Washington matched their touchdown with their own on the next drive, Lockett's score ensured they had a chance to win in the final seconds of the game. And you can't really ask for more than that!