DeeJay Dallas seems to have some hate in his heart for the Seahawks

DeeJay Dallas was an entertaining player on and off the field during his time with the Seattle Seahawks.
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What happened with DeeJay Dallas this offseason? Yeah, 12s all know that his contract was up with the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle did not re-sign him, and Dallas left to join Seattle's NFC West rival, the Arizona Cardinals. For those who have not noticed, Arizona is the place where Seahawks players go when Seattle seemingly does not want them anymore.

Dallas joins former Seattle players L.J. Collier and Evan Brown with Arizona. Collier was wretched in his four seasons with Seattle, and Brown was a disappointment in his one year with the team. But not Dallas; he flashed a bit of ability in limited snaps both as a running back and a punt returner.

Dallas was not mistreated in Seattle, though. He had better running backs on the depth chart in front of him, and while consistent as a punt returner, he was not splashy. Dallas might have had a very difficult time making the Seahawks had he re-signed for another year. Seattle normally only has three running backs active on game days and 12s can assume that in 2024, barring injury, those backs will be Kenneth Walker III, Zach Charbonnet, and Kenny McIntosh.

DeeJay Dallas seems to hold a grudge against the Seattle Seahawks

Dallas simply had no home and re-signing him would have been money better spent on another position group. The running back should also have a better chance of playing with the Cardinals.

The NFL is, after all, a business. Not re-signing Dallas was not a judgment on his character but simply choosing to not pay him the three years and $8.25 million that Arizona was offering. One hopes that the running back earns his deal, as he was bordering on being a fan-favorite in Seattle, but that contract is a bit high for someone of his likely production.

But Dallas also never seemed like the kind of guy who would hold a grudge against the team that drafted him in the fourth round of the 2020 draft. Seattle gave Dallas his first chance and he simply was not talented enough to make a run at being a starter. Again, nothing person; it was just business.

The Arizona Cardinals made a video, as did most NFL teams, to hype the schedule release for the 2024 season. In the video, players are walking by a camera person and being asked who they want to play in the first game. Eventually, Dallas appears and answers the question by saying, "I want the Seahawks." A teammate nearby, caught off-guard by Dallas' tone us heard to say, "Oh!" (For the record, Dallas did not get his wish; Arizona will play the Buffalo Bills in Week 1.)

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DeeJay Dallas' words were not the issue but the way in which he said them. There was vitriol. Why would Dallas be upset at the Seahawks? Maybe because the team did not re-sign him? Instead, he should be happy another team gave him more money than Seattle general manager John Schneider ever would have.

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