DK Metcalf and Seahawks fans should be peeved at Netflix

Netflix announced a new show that Metcalf should have been a part of.

Jane Gershovich/GettyImages

Seattle Seahawks fans are fortunate to have DK Metcalf on the team. He is an excellent player who performed best in some of the bigger and tighter moments, he led the team in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns this past season, and he is effervescent both on the field and off. He doesn't mind speaking his mind, but normally without any kind of animosity.

Which is why Netflix not choosing him for their new docuseries Receiver is weird. The players that were chosen were Davante Adams, Justin Jefferson, George Kittle, Deebo Samuel, and Amon-Ra St. Brown. All those players are good at what they do, of course, but Metcalf is just as good. Maybe Netflix simply forgot that there is a Pacific Northwest?

This isn't even a conversation about production. What Netflix producers should have asked themselves is what personalities might bring eyes to the screen. Or what unique traits each person and player might viewers find fascinating.

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf should have been featured on Netflix's new docuseries

Metcalf is the same player who likes coming up with a pacifier mouthpiece but also wants to learn American Sign Language. He certainly is not boring. He is also a bit of a physical anomaly as he is probably faster than another of the other receivers featured on the show and can jump as high. I point that out because if the docuseries decides to have the players work out together somehow, Metcalf would stand out there as well.

Metcalf also is not so egotistical that he would get upset by other players having more screen time. None of the players who will be on the show seem that way either, so Metcalf could have meshed with the other personalities. Possibly DK Metcalf just did not want to be on the show, but 12s should hope he was at least asked.

Or possibly this is another disrespect thrown the Seahawks' way. The ridiculous reputation of Seattle being in south Alaska has always been silly. In the end, however, Netflix is losing out on not having DK Metcalf among the featured receivers on their docuseries.

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