Former Seahawks RB Mike Davis retires and Tyler Lockett has an odd response

Davis played for six teams in eight NFL seasons.

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Mike Davis played for the Seattle Seahawks for two seasons and in one of those years (2018) he finished second on the team in rushing with a very solid 514 yards. He was a bulldozer of a runner who played in the NFL from 2015 through 2022. On Monday, he tweeted he was retiring at 31 years old. He announced his retirement on his birthday. That is partly why Tyler Lockett had such an odd response.

In fact, Lockett appears to have completely missed the part about Davis retiring. Sure, it was nice of Lockett to respond at all, of course. The two players only played in 21 games together. But Lockett is a good guy who would probably say nice things to someone he has never met. He is a great player, but he is a better human being.

Still, Davis made a monumental personal announcement and only the first part is what Lockett caught. The running back's entire tweet (followed by a "peace" emoji) read, "As I turn 31 today, I sit back and look on my NFL career and how thankful I am to be apart of a brotherhood. This game has allowed me to make a lot of friends and memories. I’m grateful for every organization in NFL. With that being said I’m retiring!"

Mike Davis retires and Seattle Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett responds strangely

Lockett responded by simply saying, "Happy birthday bro!!" Now very likely Lockett reached out to Davis personally to give his congrats on the end of the running back's career. That would be the better way of treating people anyway and I am certain Lockett knows how to treat people better than I do. In fact, that Lockett responded to Davis's tweet that way makes him more endearing.

That is something most of us would do but that Lockett seemed to miss the most important aspect of Davis's tweet simply means he is one of us. Which is, to be fair, how he likely sees himself anyway. Lockett is not an arrogant player who looks down on fans. He understands he is fortunate to play in the NFL and Seahawks fans are lucky to have him.

Seattle was also fortunate to have Davis as well. He even ran for 101 yards and 2 touchdowns in a victory over the Arizona Cardinals in Week 4 of 2018. He was not a great player, but he was tough. He also is retiring at 31 years old. We should all be so lucky.

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