How to watch the NFL Schedule Release: All Seahawks fans need to know

Date, time and channel to watch the NFL schedule release.
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It pays to plan ahead, right? If one is a Seattle Seahawks fan that means making sure where you will be for any given Sunday (or Thursday or Monday) in the fall. One needs to know which dates to tell their family and friends they will not be available. Unless family and friends will be joining in on watching Seattle play, of course.

There is good news, however! The NFL will release its 2024 schedule on Wednesday evening. This means Seahawks fans will know exactly when Seattle will be winning (hopefully!) games this coming season. That could also mean booking plane tickets as soon as Wednesday night so one can fly to watch Seattle play.

There have been several schedule leaks already but none (yet) that involve Seattle. That could mean Seattle is not going to play a lot of prime-time games in 2024. The team was initially scheduled for three in 2023 until the Philadelphia Eagles Week 15 game was flexed to prime-time as well.

When will the full 2024 NFL schedule be announced?

Seattle had only two prime-time games in 2022 unless one counts Seattle's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Germany that began at 6:30 am PT. One likely should not count that as the game could only be seen on the NFL Network.

Here is how Seahawks fans can see the 2024 NFL schedule be released:

When: Wednesday, May 15, at 5 pm PT (8 pm ET for East Coast 12s)
How to watch: NFL Network
How to stream:, the NFL app, and NFL+

According to NFL Operations, the NFL Network's show will last three hours but one does not need to watch the entire thing to know the schedule. That would be released quickly. and the NFL app will have full breakdowns of each team's schedule while the show on the NFL network will talk more about the highlights of the season, generally speaking.

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