John Schneider's niceties toward this player might imply Seahawks won't draft him

Seattle doesn't need a player at this position anyway.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

John Schneider seems like a very nice guy, but he is also one to hold his proverbial cards close to his vest. If you want to know what the Seattle Seahawks are going to do about literally anything, it might be best not to ask Schneider. He is not going to tell you and that is a good thing. There is no reason for another team to know what Seattle's next step is going to be.

Seahawks fans are left to try to read between the lines with Schneider just as 12s were with Pete Carroll. Given enough time, fans might be able to give a best guess at what Schneider might do, but it's still only a guess. All that said, Schneider might have given his thoughts on one certain player in the 2024 NFL draft.

Plus, to be fair, Seattle doesn't need a player at the position in question. The team has two quarterbacks on the roster seemingly for two seasons. Geno Smith and Sam Howell are both signed through 2025 and Smith has shown to be a fairly decent QB1. Howell might be too, if given enough time in new offensive coordinator Ryan Grubb's system.

Seattle Seahawks likely not taking quarterback Michael Penix, Jr. in the 2024 NFL draft

One player in the 2024 draft who knows Grubb's system extremely well is quarterback Michael Penix, Jr., of course. Penix played under Grubb at Washington for the last two years. Penix to Seattle makes sense in terms of transition for the player from college to the NFL and the offensive coaching staff of adding a player they recently led in college.

But John Schneider might not be so sure. After watching the quarterback's recent pro day, he praised Penix but Schneider might have also been implying he was simply being nice. The generalities of what Schneider said spoke volumes more than what he said specifically.

On his recent John Schneider Show on Seattle Sports 710 AM, Schneider said of Penix, "Well, obviously, Coach Grubb likes him a lot, thinks the world of him. Coach Huff (too), so we feel like we have great information on him. You know, for us, he’s just always been a real steady performer, and what a great job he did this year going to the national championship game and everything.

"It was great to go see him, he had a real nice workout (Thursday)...he seems like a really cool person. Obviously we know what kind of competitor he was it was a good day for him. So we’re all happy for Michael."

Someone saying "real steady performer," "had a real nice workout," "really cool person," and "we’re all happy for Michael" does not exactly scream, "We are completely into drafting this guy!" The words might as well say, "Look, Grubb and Huff coached this guy within the last year and we aren't going to say anything bad about him, but we are definitely not taking him in the 2024 NFL draft."

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