NFL analyst thinks former Seahawks safety Jamal Adams might get undeserving upgrade

Adams might find a way to fall up this offseason.
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Make no mistake that every 12 wants the Seattle Seahawks to win every game, but that is not reality. No team in NFL history wins every game they play except for the 1972 Miami Dolphins. Now teams have to win 20 games, including the playoffs, for a perfect season. That is nearly impossible.

The reason the above is brought up is that there are some teams closer to being perfect currently than the Seahawks. As much as we might want Seattle to win every game they are more likely to lose to the very good current teams. Hopefully, that changes in 2025 and well beyond, but there is probably no one who believes that Seattle is as good, for example, as the Kansas City Chiefs are right now.

12s might also be split on if they want the team to try to re-sign safety Jamal Adams. With Adams, it gets complicated for fans. He was disruptive after being traded to Seattle before the 2020 season as he had 9.5 sacks (a record for a defensive back) and attacked the run as well. Since 2020, Adams has missed more games than he has played and has zero - zero - sacks.

Could former Seahawks safety Jamal Adams end up with the Kansas City Chiefs?

In 2023, he also had issues that did not relate to his play on the field. He screamed at a doctor on the sidelines in Week 4 after being ruled out with a concussion, got into a social media spat with a New York Jets reporter where Adams clearly crossed a line by posting a photo of the reporter's wife, and then Adams wasn't around for his teammates for Week 15's game against the Philadelphia Eagles. The safety (and future linebacker?) was not only not available for almost half the games but he wasn't a great teammate either.

Adams was too expensive to keep around for 2024 and the Seahawks released him this offseason. The team will still pay him north of $20 million this season, though, so whether Adams plays or not, he knows he is going to get paid.

According to ESPN's Bill Barnwell, Adams could be a great fit for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs. Kansas City doesn't need all that much help clearly - they have won three Super Bowls in the last five years and likely are the favorite heading into 2024. This means Adams could leave the Seahawks and head to the Chiefs and he does not deserve that kind of upgrade. The chances are that Adams won't make the Chiefs' team, however; he probably can't prove to Kansas City he would stay healthy.

The good thing for the Seahawks is that they have a young roster and could eclipse the Chiefs in a couple of seasons. Seattle definitely does not need the oft-injured Adams to be around the young team, however. Let him go to the Chiefs and see if he can mess up the vibe of that team.

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