NFL expert says Seahawks can forget about the Super Bowl due to this major problem

Seattle might not truly have this issue, though.

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The Seattle Seahawks might not be expected to be among the top four teams in the NFL next season, but there is also no reason to rule them out completely. With a new coaching staff and, therefore, new offensive and defensive directions, the team's talent could be augmented by new schemes. And Seattle undoubtably has talent.

Seattle's receivers might be the best group in the league. If Riq Woolen can bounce back to a 2022 level, Seattle's cornerback unit should be very good as well. While there are a lot of unknowns, just as on every team, Seattle could easily make a deep run in the playoffs.

Or, of course, the team could be a complete dud and finish third or worse in the NFC West and not come close to making the playoffs. The reasons for that could be that the offensive line is atrocious and the new players on defense never quite come together as a cohesive unit. But 12s should expect some production at known positions, and that includes quarterback.

NFL expert thinks the Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks are not good enough to win

Geno Smith might not be Patrick Mahomes, but he also is fairly good. In each of the last two seasons, he has finished in the top half of the league in total QBR and he led the league in completion percentage in 2022. Moreover, Smith led the NFL in both game-winning drives and fourth quarter comebacks in 2023.

But according to FOX Sports' Joel Klatt, Smith, and his backup Sam Howell, are the biggest reason that the Seahawks have no chance to win a Super Bowl in 2024. Klatt was recently on Seattle Sports 710 AM and fairly disparaged Howell first, and then Smith. Howell might make more sense as he only has one season as a starter. Smith has shown he can lead his team to victories, though.

Klatt would disagree with any notion that either of Seattle's quarterbacks are good enough to be very dangerous in the postseason, though. About Howell he said, "At some point you’ve got to close your eyes and picture the confetti falling and think to yourself, ‘Is this the type of guy that I can see with a Lombardi Trophy in his right hand?' And unfortunately, I just don’t see that with Sam Howell."

But Klatt did not stop there hammering his point home with some ruthlessness saying, "Sam Howell is a fine NFL player, but if he’s your quarterback, I don’t think you’re trying to win the Super Bowl." Ouch.

Klatt basically said "ditto" in reference to Smith, pointing a final point of what he thought of Seattle's quarterbacks by adding, "(The Seahawks) don’t have the requisite quarterback play to do (make a deep playoff run). They just don’t."

Of course, the argument could be made that no team other than Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are going to win the Super Bowl in 2024, but implying the Seahawks have zero chance is unfair. Howell is not the starter; Smith is. With a better team around him, Smith might surprise people, including Joel Klatt, with his postseason play.

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