One talking head has lost his mind about Seattle Seahawks corner Devon Witherspoon

Jason McIntyre said Witherspoon hasn't been good in the last five games.
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Comparing anything else Devon Witherspoon does (or any other cornerback, to be fair) to his Monday Night Football Week 4 performance and thinking Witherspoon has not played as well since he did not have 2 sacks, 3 QB hits, 2 tackles for loss, and a 97-yard pick-six is, well...dumb. The Seattle Seahawks rookie had one of the best games by a defensive back ever, let alone in 2023. Those numbers are not going to be replicated maybe ever as a 2-sack, pick-six performance had not been done before.

But Jason McIntyre, co-host of The Herd with Colin Cowherd, apparently wanted to be talked about this week (and since I am writing this article I guess he is getting his wish), as McIntyre said a very silly bit about Witherspoon. According to McIntyre, Witherspoon "just hasn't shown up" since the Week 4 game. Goodness, I guess McIntyre clearly talks about things he has no idea about.

Partly, McIntyre was making his argument based on how well Washington Commanders quarterback Sam Howell did against the Seahawks. Washington scored 17 second-half points against the Seahawks, and Howell overall completed 29 of 44 passes for 312 yards and 3 touchdowns. Howell was good, but he also wasn't simply throwing the ball toward Witherspoon.

Jason McIntyre says a ridiculous thing about Seahawks corner Devon Witherspoon

Witherspoon allowed 4 completions on 7 targets for 61 yards against Washington. Not great numbers, but that completion percentage is also only 57.1. Witherspoon was credited with allowing a touchdown against Washington, too. Witherspoon also had a forced fumble and 2 passes broken up as well, however.

Since Week 4, Witherspoon has allowed 11 completions on 24 targets. On those 11 completions, Witherspoon has given up a total of 118 yards. That is 10.7 yards per completion (that's pretty good), and only 4.9 yards per target (that is great). Witherspoon has missed four of his 24 tackle attempts (16.7 percent and that's bad).

Witherspoon does have 2 quarterback hurries and 2 batted balls in the last five games. That isn't normal production for cornerbacks. That is because Witherspoon's unique skills and versatility allow the Seahawks to move him around in coverage alignments and blitzes.

For Jason McIntyre to say Witherspoon hasn't shown up in the last five games is simply hyperbole designed to draw a reaction. He clearly doesn't watch Witherspoon and how the rookie corner gives Seattle freedom to be a bit more creative in what they are trying to do. I would suggest McIntyre think before he speaks on his radio show, but then he obviously only gets paid to speak and not think.

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