For Pete's Sake: 6 critical observations from the Seahawks big win in Week 10

  • The return of Pro Bowler Jason Myers
  • Shoutout to a stout offensive line performance
  • Is there anyone better than Boye Mafe right now?
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Geno Smith
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The offensive line kept Commanders defenders filthy paws off their quarterback

After the absolute disaster that was the offensive line's performance last week, they redeemed themselves by making sure the Commanders were virtually unable to get within sniffing distance of Geno Smith for the entirety of the game.

Besides recording just one sack with no loss of yards, the Commanders did get to Smith five times. But considering he was taken down four times last week for a loss of 34 yards, on top of being hit four more times, it was a significant improvement by the line to keep their quarterback upright just a week later.

The protection allowed Smith to have one of the best performances of the 2023 season, giving him time to properly read the field and complete 31 passes for 369 yards. He was barely pressured, less than 25% for the whole game, allowing the field to open up for more opportunities for the offense to be successful.

On top of that, the run game benefitted from it all, too, something that couldn't be said against the Ravens games last week.