3 safeties Seattle Seahawks can draft to replace Jamal Adams

Mike Macdonald ran more three safety sets than any defensive coach in the NFL in 2023.
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The Seattle Seahawks have signed a safety this offseason in free agency, Rayshawn Jenkins, but Jenkins is on a one-year deal. Julian Love, a Pro Bowell in 2023, also has one year left on his contract. Hopefully, Love and Jenkins will play so well next season that they earn longer-term contracts. Even if that happens, Seattle might still need a third safety to play a bunch of snaps.

In 2023, new Seattle head coach Mike Macdonald played more three safety sets when he was still the defensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens than any other DC. Macdonald is not afraid to interchange players and safeties often have skillsets to allow them to play slot corner or linebacker or deep in the field. The Seahawks' new coach is going to use the best tools he has and put them in situations to succeed.

But while Love and Jenkins might potentially be a good duo, they also might not be the long-term answer at the position. Or maybe just one of them is. The point is that Seattle needs to draft a safety in the 2024 NFL draft and here are three good options.

Three safeties the Seattle Seahawks should think of taking in the 2024 NFL draft

Jaden Hicks, Washington State

Hicks' greatest draw for Seattle is his versatility. He was a full-time starter the last two years at Washington State and he was moved around a bit. In 2022, for instance, he played 750 defensive snaps and 329 of them came as the high safety, 276 came while Hicks played in the box, and 102 came when he played in the slot. In 2023, he played even more in the box and was still spread around as needed.

He also is not afraid to back down from presumed high-end competition. One of his best games last year came in the final game against Washington. Overall, he allowed a passer rating of just 73.3 and just 2 touchdowns, but he also intercepted 2 passes. He also ranked 13th in the country in run stuffs with 24. Plus, Hicks is a fantastic tackler and already would be better than Jamal Adams in that aspect.