2023 Seattle Seahawks final 53-man roster breakdown and grades

The Seattle Seahawks have now set their initial 53-man roster for 2023, but does the team look like a real contender?
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Seattle Seahawks tight end (3)

Will Dissly, Noah Fant, Colby Parkinson

These three have been set since the beginning of 2022. Dissly is a great blocker who needs more touches in the passing game. Fant is a potentially very productive receiver who needs more touches too. But how good of a blocker is he really? The difference between a good offense and a great Seattle offense could simply be how well Fant blocks.

I like Parkinson. He's got good size and catches well. But there is literally no wiggle to his run after he catches the ball. If he moved just a bit he could run off a bunch of explosive players in 2023. And he could earn himself a hefty pay hike in his free agent season next year.

Grade: B+

Seattle Seahawks offensive line (9)

LT Charles Cross, LG Damien Lewis, C Evan Brown, RG Phil Haynes, RT Abraham Lucas, Olu Oluwatimi, Anthony Bradford, Jake Curhan, Stone Forsythe

The starting group (presumably the first five listed here) should be good. They should also get better the longer the season goes on as offensive lines need a bit of time to build cohesion. Brown is a very good upgrade over 2022 starter Austin Blythe. Phil Haynes should be better being the starter for an entire season, too.

The interior depth is better than last year as well. Oluwatimi isn't quite as far as along as many hoped as this point, but he has missed time with injuries. Bradford might be the starter in 2024 and he looks like a ferocious beast of a blocker once he learns his way.

Grade: B