This should be the Seattle Seahawks starting lineup in 2023

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Seahawks offensive line and tight end

Offensive line - Left tackle Charles Cross, left guard Damien Lewis, center Olu Oluwatimi, right guard Anthony Bradford, right tackle Abraham Lucas

Tight end- Will Dissly

For the tight end, I have Dissly here instead of Noah Fant. But that is only because Dissly is the better blocker and I think with the Seahawks starting younger players on the offensive line (see below) Dissly is going to be more of a help. Dissly is a good enough blocker to basically be a glorified tackle.

As far as the offensive line, I do have the two rookies - Oluwatimi and Bradford - starting because I think they are overall better players than center Evan Brown or right guard Phil Haynes. I also think the only real way to build cohesion with an offensive line is to have them play together a lot early.

If all goes well this could be the starting O-line for the next three years (assuming Seattle extends Lewis, which they should). Oluwatimi succeeded at every level at college and there's no reason he can't immediately succeed in the NFL as he has the intelligence to learn the line calls right away and has the strength and tenacity to be a great center. Bradford is also super strong and can fight with NFL defensive linemen straight off.